Flag of Germany Flag of USA Genealogy of Herdorf, Germany Immigrants to Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
Genealogical details for the chosen immigrant to Allentown are listed below.
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Birth Date: about 1908
Birth Place: Herdorf
Father: Simon Seifert
Mother: Margareta Link

Marriage Date: 25 Jul 1931
Marriage Place: Allentown, PA
Spouse: Franz Joseph Schütz 1907
Spouse Father: August Schütz
Spouse Mother: Maria Vogel

Death Date: 20 Aug 1960
Death Place: Allentown, PA
Immigration Date: 13 Sep 1929
Departure Port: Bremen
Ship Name: Washington
Arrival Port: New York
USA Destination: 237 Jordan St, Allentown
USA Contact: Klemens Muhl 1895 (friend)
Shipmates from Herdorf:
    - Titus Henricus Seifert 1903
    - Gertrud Schlosser 1911
    - Anna Maria Seifert 1908
Family Members That Immigrated to Allentown:
    - Franz Joseph Schütz 1907 (husband)
    - Anna Maria Seifert 1908 (wife)
    - Titus Henricus Seifert 1903 (brother)